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Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic procedures offer us a way to take an interest in the way we look and feel.  Every year, tens of thousands of men and women achieve those goals through cosmetic facial surgery and procedures.  With increased safety, reduced recovery time, and affordability, cosmetic surgery continues to be a booming industry.  With today’s healthy lifestyles, we feel better and live longer.  Sun damage to skin, smile and frown lines, crows feet, droopy or baggy eyelids are all signs that time, stress, and environmental exposures have deprived us of a younger appearance.

Our highly trained staff will work with you to develop a program designed especially for you and your needs.  It may include a skin care program and treatments, or it may involve surgery.  We will guide you to options that are best suited for you.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest standard medical care and to deliver it in a conscientious and compassionate manner.  We take great pride in the reputations of our staff, and their abilities to demonstrate knowledge, skill, integrity, and compassion.


We believe that together, we can develop a treatment plan that meets the individual needs of each patient.

Central Kentucky’s First Practice to Offer Halo Laser!

Microdermabrasion (Exfoliation Treatment), Micro-NeedlingMicropeel (Three-Step Exfoliation Clinical Treatment),  Chemical Peel, Facials,

RevitaLash, Dermaplane, Ance Facial

Pharmaceutical grade skin care products:  ZO, Face Reality, Revitalash, GloMinerals,


Elta MD, & Obagi

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