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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancers often involve the eyelid or adjacent face. When the eyelid is involved it is most often the lower eyelid, but may be found anywhere on the eyelid, corners of the eye, or the adjacent areas of the face. Usually they are painless lesions or elevations. When the eyelid is involved the eyelashes may be distorted or even missing.


There may be ulcerations of the involved areas, along with crusting, bleeding and/or discoloration of the the skin. There are two important principles in the management of skin cancers- complete removal & reconstruction.


Complete removal of the tumor is critical to minimize the possibility of recurrence. Dr. Cowen may remove the lesion and send it to a pathologist to check the tissue margins to be sure the tumor is completely removed. In another method, a dermatologic surgeon will work with Dr. Cowen and excise the tumor in a special way known as the Mohs technique to ensure total removal. Dr. Cowen works with several dermatologic surgeons throughout Lexington & Eastern Kentucky to ensure the best possible care of his patients as well as minimal drive time.


Once the tumor has been completely removed, reconstructive surgery is usually necessary. The procedure is specifically tailored to the defect that is present following removal of the tumor. Regardless of the technique, the goal remains the same: to reconstruct the area so it functions properly and has a satisfactory cosmetic appearance. Any form of surgery will leave a scar. However, an effort is always made to minimize scarring and obtain optimal cosmetic results. After surgery, the healing process may take 6 months to one year.

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