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Patient Information

Patient Information

Welcome to our practice

We are grateful you have chosen Dr. David Cowen for your medical/surgical care. Our goal is to provide you with thorough, efficient, friendly and excellent care.  We look forward to getting to know you as a patient and serving your needs.

When seeing a a physician for the first time, you are often required to answer pages of questions about your insurance and medical history.  Because this can be overwhelming and time consuming, we have made our new patient forms available below in order for you to have more time and reduce anxiety that can come with seeing a specialty surgeon.

With new COVID-19 guidelines we want you to know that we have taken measures to make your safety our top priority.  Our clinic schedules have been reduced in order to promote social distancing while allowing you to spend the appropriate time with Dr. Cowen.  Patients will continue to be placed in order of medical necessity and our office hours may be extended in order to reduce wait times.


  • When you arrive in the parking lot, please call our office at (859)219-0299.  Our staff will ask a few questions regarding your health. 

  • Once we have a room available for you, our staff will let you know it is safe to enter the building.  Our building is requiring everyone wear a mask throughout their visit.  If you have someone with you, we would ask they remain in the vehicle unless you need assistance.

  • Our staff sanitizes exam rooms, chairs, and our check in/out areas in between patient visits.

  • When you arrive at the office, Suite 460, a friendly face will be there to greet you and take your temperature.  Please know our staff is smiling behind masks that are worn throughout the clinic.

  • Once your visit is completed, we will have you exit through a separate door than how you entered to continue promoting social distancing with anyone who may be entering the office.


  • When you arrive at your appointment, one person is to enter the office to check in.  Please wear mask when entering any location to better protect those who are vulnerable.

  • Our staff will give your instructions once you have checked in.  Please note, this may be that you need to go back to your vehicle and wait for a call until they have a room available, or you may be taken in a room immediately.


While these new guidelines do not reflect our normal hands on patient care approach, it is our desire to provide the safest and healthiest care to you.  If you should need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please call our office at (859) 219-0299 or toll free (866) 882-6936 at least 24 hours in advance.  In doing so, you will allow us time to accommodate other patients and avoid our $50.00 no-show fee.

Below you will find our new patient information for your convenience.
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